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Liveable Cities

We are thrilled with the result! We can’t wait to get started on the next one! Thank you.Joanne Leach, Researcher and Project Manager, Liveable Cities

When we were asked to make a video for the Liveable Cities research project, we realised there was nothing we could film!

The project is about the transformation of current cities into better, happier, greener, smarter future-cities that are a joy to live in.  So, whilst we could have proposed it, we felt that filming the cities of today just wasn’t going to fit the bill.

Instead, we saw this as a good case for animation, combined with wise words from some of the key project team members.  The beauty of animation is that it’s only limited by your imagination and our two talented animators have plenty of that.  So Cavell got to work and our client was very happy with the result.



Experian asked us to make a short film featuring their employees to accompany their annual report.  Their employees were complete stars and the video featured on Experian’s home page for several weeks.

UCL new department launch

It’s not easy to describe something complex that doesn’t yet exist, but that was our brief for the launch video for a new department of UCL.

STEaPP (department for Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy) didn’t even have a name when we started working on this video and our brief was to ‘portray the challenges and opportunities facing mankind in the 21st century that can be addressed and possibly even solved by better science, engineering and technology policy-making’.

This video features extreme weather, technological advances, diseases, infrastructure challenges and triumphs and humanitarian disasters.  We hope you like it.  The guys at UCL did :o)

Fusion Energy

Thanks – the video has been great!Chris Warrick, Communications Group Manager, Culham Centre for Fusion Energy

With all the publicity for the full-scale fusion experiment, Iter, it would be easy to think the UK doesn’t have a fusion programme…but not only do we have a fusion programme, it’s supporting Iter and is already looking at the next generation of fusion tokamaks for better, cleaner, cheaper energy. When I was a kid at school I didn’t think I would ever see fusion power for real. So we were thrilled to be asked to make this film for such a truly awesome bunch of people.