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These scenes, shot at EcoMobiel in Rotterdam, are part of a longer documentary about how noise regulations are being brought in for electric cars…..because they’re too quiet 😉


This is a short extract from a documentary for an academic client pondering the early harvests of 2011 and whether it was due to climate change or simply cyclical weather patterns.

Corporate News

Dear Simon, just checking with you as I haven’t had your comments on the approval version of your video, Best regards, Angela

Angela, That’s ‘cos it couldn’t be improved! It’s brilliant!!!!Simon Marsh, Communications Director, Chemical Industries Association

Chemical Industries Association News
The Chemical Industries Association is the voice of the chemical industry in the UK, lobbying and campaigning at the UK and EU level on issues of importance to the industry to ensure that it operates safely, profitably and with due care for the interests of future generations.

Keeping its members up to date with current issues, topical knowledge and useful figures is essential, so we were asked to produce this short news piece in the run up to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Durban.