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The Bus Stop

Funnily enough, we’ve never been asked to film two bus stops before, but bearing in mind our client was UCLsquared, we decided pretty quickly these weren’t going to be any ordinary bus stops! Shooting at mass public events is always a challenge. Add to that changeable weather and lots of vehicles and you’d think it would get very tricky indeed, but we were really pleased with the footage we got and so was our client. In fact they liked the finished film so much, that they entered The New Urbanism Film Festival in LA with it and….it won “Best Urban Design Film 2014”!


CIO-Connect is a networking association for C-level execs to discuss and keep abreast of IT issues. We shot and hosted their October 2012 conference featuring Professor Brian Cox. Although the conference footage can’t be posted here, we vox-popped a few delegates as they were just leaving to give you a flavour of the two days…