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CEGE (Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering) at UCL asked us to help them produce a series of seven short films for prospective students.  The courses at UCL are arguably the best in the world and are different to most.  This particular film deals with the misconception that maths and physics are paramount for civil and environmental engineering.

UCL new department launch

It’s not easy to describe something complex that doesn’t yet exist, but that was our brief for the launch video for a new department of UCL.

STEaPP (department for Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy) didn’t even have a name when we started working on this video and our brief was to ‘portray the challenges and opportunities facing mankind in the 21st century that can be addressed and possibly even solved by better science, engineering and technology policy-making’.

This video features extreme weather, technological advances, diseases, infrastructure challenges and triumphs and humanitarian disasters.  We hope you like it.  The guys at UCL did :o)

Academic Lecture

Newsbyte responded quickly to an urgent requirement, delivered professional results for a very reasonable price, on time and with considerable attention to detail and our needs; I strongly recommend the company if you need high quality professional multimedia.Professor Brian Collins, CB, FREng, University College London

We were requested to film the inaugural lecture for a professor setting up a new department at UCL and, whilst keeping it fairly traditional, give it at least some context and vibrance. We filmed the lecture ‘as live’, but added a scene-setting montage and some more social scenes at the reception afterwards. As it was a one-hour lecture, we also suggested and started what has turned into a series…..”Bytesize Brian”, a series of short pieces taking appetite-whetting slices of the lecture to enjoy in just three minutes.