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Newsbyte is a happy band of professionals who have been working together for more years than we care to admit; for the BBC, the Open University and countless corporate clients.

Although we work in all sectors, because of our background we find we’re particularly well-suited to the technology, science and engineering sectors.  People tell us most production companies don’t know how to handle these subjects.  But it’s second nature to us, so don’t worry that your technical material will scare us!  It won’t.  To give you just a few examples, in the past we’ve covered E-learning, semiconductors, nuclear fusion, bacterial culture and elephant behaviour!

Angela Lamont


Angela works with clients to make sure that not only do they get what they want, but that what they want will do the job.  She doesn’t believe in just ‘making films’.  She focuses on ‘making stuff happen for the client as a result of the film’.  Small change in words.  Big change in return on investment for the client.

She also makes a great cuppa, which is a good trait in any producer…and bakes mean shortbread, but that’s just bribery.

Andrew Rix

Co-founder/creative director

We’re trying to find something Andrew can’t do really really well.  Someone in the office the other day suggested knitting, but….even that’s doubtful to be honest.

Andrew oversees our video production and his attention to detail is what makes your web video broadcast quality.  We tell him it should be, he’s been at it long enough.  But secretly we think it might have something to do with talent…

Gerard Giorgi-Coll

Director/camera operator

Gerard can see stuff normal mortals can’t see.  Beautiful, awesome stuff.  The important thing is, though, he doesn’t just see it in his head like some weird crazy person.  He can actually get it to happen on film (on purpose) and capture it, creating some of the best video content you could find.

Angela likes to polish her BAFTA when he’s looking.  But only because she knows he’ll get two before the decade is out.

Sammi Sparke

Stills photographer

Sammi says she snaps stuff.  We disagree.  We’ve tried snapping stuff and we can’t get it to look like hers.  Ours looks like real life.  Hers has got some god-damn magic fairy dust on it.  We say it’s not fair.  She mutters something about a degree an’ all.

The thing is though, she’s so nice you can’t even think of disliking her.  Maybe that’s why the people she photographs all seem to come to life so beautifully…

Andy Smith

Lighting cameraman extraordinaire

Andy describes himself as a “Sony PMW500 owner and operator”. Ha! If that’s all he was, we wouldn’t rely on him so much! To us, he’s a “totally genius lighting cameraman with lush camera”.  You’ve definitely seen Andy’s work…perhaps “Waking The Dead”, “Bang Goes the Theory”, royal weddings, the helicopter news footage of the Buncefield oil disaster?

We think he’s awesome. In his own estimation, he’s “not too shabby”. We quite like his modesty but we don’t tell him :o)

Cavell Ord-Shrimpton


Cavell is one of our two awesome animators whose work can be seen in the Liveable Cities (which is virtually all done by Cavell) and Exoskeleton videos, as well as many animations for the BBC.

We love her because she’s up for anything, totally nails a brief (even when we give her a description that hardly makes sense), is funny and gorgeous yet self-effacing, willing to travel miles to a team dinner, but has a sad tendency to lose paisley umbrellas :o)