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Turning the camera on YOU…


As well as making films, we’ve been offering coaching and training for those who go in front of the camera for twenty years.  We don’t have a ‘standard’ course, because we’ve never yet found a client who had the same needs as any other.  But (just so you know) this year we’ve mainly had requests such as:

•  Academics who need to reach a wider audience; maybe filming Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs)

•  Tech professionals who need to vlog more on topical and tricky issues in the IT world

•  Those who may be asked to make comments or act as a spokesperson in the media

•  Those who need to start doing it all themselves; planning, shooting, presenting and editing

It can feel like a tricky business, this filming thing, but if you bring us in for a day or two, you’ll suddenly find you’ve added over 55 years of production and presenting experience to your team :o)  More details from

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