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Up up and away…

There are times when you need to get away from it all.  To film it, I mean.

Aerial filming used to be a tricky and expensive business, with our aerial shots being done from a helicopter or microlite when a crane wasn’t high enough.  But now we have a 4K camera on an awesome drone to capture breathtaking images; we’ve been particularly pleased with the shots of Hadrian’s Wall and the Avebury stone circle completed for clients recently.

As we’re a professional film company, we do it right.  Andrew Rix, Newsbyte’s co-founder, is a highly skilled CAA-approved drone pilot with the licence and insurance to match and we comply with CAA regulations as well as health and safety.

That means we can take your films to new heights (was that a bit too cheesy?), so if you need footage of geological features, historic buildings, crop circles, stone circles or the migration patterns of wildebeest within your films, just let us know.

Coming soon to Newsbyte…more technology.  The same gimble tech used in our drone has been packaged for manual use and has resulted in a compact yet awesome 4K go-anywhere steadycam.  Gone is the camera shake when filming from a car.  Gone is the need for static shots when we’re halfway up a mountain because the path is too rocky to get a smooth moving shot.  Now we really are a go-anywhere, shoot anything crew.  Look out for sneak-peeks and footage soon 😉

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