Woohooo! Festival winners!

Yay! Our film “The Bus Stop; London’s Agent of Change” has just won “Best Urban Design Film 2014” at the New Urbanism Film Festival in LA.

We always knew our friends at UCL Squared were ‘imagineers’ as well as engineers, but their ideas for using bus stops to not only get people to enjoy using public transport but to increase interactivity and sense of community blew away the judges and we were delighted they chose us to make the film for them. Transport for London also like the film so much they’ve asked us for a subtitled version so it can be used in noisy event environments, but winning the “Best Urban Design Film 2014” really is the icing on the cake.

Well done Gerard Giorgi-Coll who shot the majority of the footage and Andrew Rix who filmed the interview and made my job of putting the thing together very easy indeed.

I love working at Newsbyte :o)